Boats Passions


One of my passions are boats. In the past I had several boats by myself and hope I can buy one again in the future.

Even though I am more attached to motorboats one of my all-time favourite boats is a schooner, the Virginia:

More infos about the rebuild of this beautiful classic can be found at

Motorbikes Passions

My actual motorbike

One of my passions is driving motorbikes. This began with about 12 when I rocketed the small motobike of my uncle from the court of my grandparents house straight over the empty street into a meadow 😀

Since these days I made many many kilometers on motorbikes. The following image show my “Swiss Express” 😉 I made about 10.000km per years within Switzerland only by hunting from one mountain pass to the next one.

Unfortunately in november 2006 I made an unforced error and trashed my “Swiss Express” because I tried to figure out personal problems while driving motorbike which I should have kept striktly separated. Luckily only me and my bike were hurt.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to exchange my poor “Swiss Express” with my “Golden Dragon”

A real change of generations!