Dream of unity

When I was young I had a dream about mankind. I thought that if just all the people on earth start mixing, eventually there was no reason for racism anymore as it would be all evenly mixed and therefore we would be more or less the same.

Today I know that this will never happen. People insist in dividing each other into categories. Black / White, Asian / Caucasian, Woman / Man, Christian / Muslim / Jewish / …

Instead of thriving in diversity, seeing strength in all of us being different and individual we are looking for uniformity and deriving a ‘better’ feeling of belonging to a certain category or group of people. Today I believe that if we could eliminate sex, religion, skin color or race, the only thing that would change is that we would draw other lines on which we could define our different categorizations like blonde vs dark haired.

I believe that if we cannot overcome this nonsense, this will be our downfall. Even more than our ignorance because it keeps us from working together which is urgently needed considering the challenges we as mankind are facing.

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Chasing Dawn

Lately I have trouble sleeping in the morning so I get up to chase the dawn.

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At the moment it’s quite hard in France and I can understand that people in the cities really struggle with being mostly confined to their apartments.

Luckily we have our own woods to “walk” in. Not so easy as everything is completely overgrown but the dog has fun chasing after all the nice smells.

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Blood Moon

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Trying to catch a bee swarm

This year I am trying to catch a bee swarm because I lost all of my swarms in the last two years. I have put a complete hive into the tree beside the field as I don’t have other ones 🙂

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Cergy train station

View on the Cergy train station from the Axe Majeur.

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Wall repairs

The former owner covered the ancient earth walls of our house with concrete which is why the base of the walls are constantly pulling water up to 1.2 m high and are starting to deteriorate. Now they have to be repaired…

That is something that should have been avoided from the start but there was a time when everybody thought that concrete is more stable… only that these walls cannot breathe anymore like this.

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My dog is not allowed into the house. As it is summer and the doors are mostly open, he is trying to see how far he can come in before I say something…

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Beautiful Gers

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I had a couple of technical problems so that I couldn’t post from my phone anymore but it seems to be working again.

So here some impressions…

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