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Buying an iPhone in China

Lately it was the time that I had to replace my old PDA with something new because I dropped it one time too much on the floor. Because we had business in Shanghai and found a shop with “original” iPhones … Continue reading

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The Nonsense of Software Patents

I am Software Developer and my opinion is that Software Patents are not only Nonsense but also counterproductive! There are not infinitely many ways to program something. Computer Science Theory already shows that for many problems there are only few … Continue reading

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Back after a Break

I didn’t write anything for quite a while. But now I am back 🙂 My break had two reasons. The really good one is that I became father of a little daughter named Thalea in the mid of July. Naturally … Continue reading

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Ruby Objects, Class-Objects and MetaClass-Objects

After a while of evaluation I started over programming mainly in Ruby about two month ago. Long time ago I learned for a short while object orientation programming in Smalltalk-80 but soon started to use C++, first with the AT&T … Continue reading

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Tropical Thunderstorms

When I arrived in Haikou a year ago my only experience with a tropical region has been 6 month on Martinique between my studies in physics and the start of my computer science studies. On Martinique the rainy season is … Continue reading

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Joke about EU request to stop internet filtering in China

This can only be a political joke! I was pointed by the german and Die Neuen Menschen blogs to an article you can read in the news at N24 or Deutschlandradio about a statement from Viviane Reding, commissioner for … Continue reading

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Politik der verbrannten Erde

Was sich derzeit in der deutschen Politik so abspielt läßt sich nur noch schwer mit einem Generationenkonflikt erklären. Ich möchte hier nicht noch einmal auf die Argumente gegen eine Vorratsdatenspeicherung oder eine Netzzensur eingehen wie sie in der letzten Zeit … Continue reading

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SPD und CDU wenden sich gegen ihre jungen Wähler

Eigentlich hatte ich meinen Blog begonnen weil ich meine Freunde und Verwandte in der ganzen Welt ein wenig auf dem Laufenden halten wollte wie es mir in China so ergeht und sie mit Bildern und Geschichten vom anderen Ende der … Continue reading

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Verdict in Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset

In the second trial against Jammie Thomas-Rasset, mother of four children, the jury awarded the recording companies $1.92 million, $80,000 per uploaded song for 24 songs. Naturally the representative of the recording industry from the RIAA was happy about the … Continue reading

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Practical Experience with Internet Censorship

As stated before I am a german computer scientist living in China at the moment. Therefore I am especially ashamed about the current ruling parties in germany who just agreed to establish internet censorship against all expert knowledge brought into … Continue reading

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