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de Chirico live in Roma

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Why Mankind should conquer space

The last days with all these disasters in Japan made me think about an article I wrote nearly 30 years ago. I think it must have been about 2 years before the Chernobyl. I was studying physics and wrote an … Continue reading

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Politician denies global warming!

According to Senator Michin the global warming will not happen, it will become cooler. ABC news It seems that signs like the flood and cyclone in Queensland cannot be result of the global warming. The sea level rising will only … Continue reading

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HP Region code for printer

While I was living in France I needed a new printer/scanner and decided to buy a HP Photosmart Premium, a combined office machine with everything you need for your home-office. It was not really cheap but it was said that … Continue reading

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Finally Moved

Hey everybody! It took some time but I finally made it, to move my blog to a new server, update to the newest WordPress version and also update my plugins. Hopefully I will have some time to write new articles … Continue reading

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Big Brother is watching You

It is about 4 week ago that I switched from my favorite browser Firefox to Googles Chrome. On my Windows 7 system Firefox simply used too many resources. Today I updated my Spybot installation which protects my registry and made … Continue reading

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A dream within a dream

I just came back to the idea that the whole world is just a simulation on a nice super-computer like in the old science fiction film “Die Welt am Draht” from Fassbinder oder in the film “the 13th Floor”. All … Continue reading

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Blog enhanced with WPTouch

Since I am one of the guys playing around with an iPhone now I thought it might be a good idea to make my blog a little bit more readable on the iPhone and other PDAs. After a small research … Continue reading

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