Dyrathror is one of the 4 deers of the viking saga Edda who feed themselves from the buds of the tree of life, Yggdrasil. While doing harm to Yggdrasil and therefore to life they stand for the natural beauty and innocence in life which I see as positive values. It is this dualism which made me take this name as alias. It reminds me that all things have different, sometimes contradictory aspects.




I am living in the southmost chinese province on the island Hainan in Haikou.

I am a passionate photographer and musician and love everything which is engine powered, especially my motorbike, big and fast cars, boats, …

Beside that I love traveling, trekking and living in the nature from time to time.


My biggest passion is also my profession. I am computer scientist and dedicated programmer. My speciality is Java programming (Swing, JEE, JSF, Hibernate) and (J)Ruby programming but I do all sorts of web programming including design of webpages and PHP and JavaScript programming as well.

If anybody is in need of help send me a request via email. My hourly rates or project fees are very flexible (which normally means low 😉 ) and depend on how exciting I think your project is 🙂

why english?

English is not my mother language. So why do I maintain a blog in english? First of all most of my relatives and friends are more or less fluent english speakers. An second, if we like it or not, english is something like the lingua franca of this world.

If you find errors in my english usage you are welcome to send me a mail to give me the possibility to advance my english knowledge.

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