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Werribie Zoo

Have been to the Werribie Zoo today and made some photos.


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Australia Countryside

Lately I needed a bit of peace so I went to the Australian country side for a weekend.

In Australia this involves quite a bit of driving as distances can be very big. The further you are going away from the wet coastal regions, the dryer the landscape. But don’t confuse this with the real outback, you need to be prepared to go there, especially if you want to leave the highway.

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Night at Rosebud and Arthur’s Seat

Yep, another night in which I couldn’t find sleep. So I drove up the Mornington Peninsula and made some photos.


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Hot Chocolate

I have some problems finding my favorite Chilli Sauce here in Australia. Most of them are produced in the US and don’t seem to have a distributor over here.

But the good news is that I found a couple of local producers which have very fine hot sauces. My recent discovery was the Chilli Factory from the Hunter Valley. They are producing one of the hottest Chilli Varieties, the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T and make a very good tasting sauce from it, the Scorpion Strike .


One of my favorite recipes is home made pancake with Chocolate Cream and a lot of Chilli Sauce. Just roll it and don’t hesitate …



If you try this yourself, brace for impact and a wonderful taste 🙂


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Night at Frankston beach

Another night in which I could not find sleep. It was so bright outside that some of the pics look as if they have been taken during dusk or dawn but it was actually more around midnight.


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Lemon Curd

Every now and then I am asked for one of my recipes which is why I will start to publish some of them on my blog. In general I am more interested in a result than in complicated processes which is why I often alter the process of cooking into a more convenient and less time consuming way as long as the result stays the same.

When we moved to Australia we suddenly had lemon trees in our garden. Being a big fan of lemons I started to make all kind of things from our lemons. Here comes my recipe for Lemon Curd.


75 g Butter

225g Sugar

3 Eggs

3 Lemons

For the preparation I use a metal bowl which fits onto one of my pots in which I heat water. The heating over a hot water bath has the advantage that the content is heated slower and more even.



  1. Melt the butter in the metal bowl.
  2. Add the sugar and stir until its equally distributed
  3. Wait until the butter and sugar is not hot any more!
  4. Add the eggs and beat everything frothy with a whisk
  5. Grate the Lemons. Make sure that you grate off enough of the white skin as well. The white skin contains most of the Pectin of the lemon which is needed as gelling agent for the Lemon Curd.
  6. Press out the lemons
  7. Add the juice and skin into the bowl.
  8. Heat the bowl over the water bath and stir until the Lemon Curd thickens. This can take a moment as you don’t want to push it and heat the pot too fast. There is a danger that the egg falls out and you end up with lemon-egg soup if the curd gets too hot or heats up too fast.


Once the gelling process is far enough you can take to bowl from the water bath and let it cool down. Stir from time to time to avoid that a skin builds up on the top.

If you intend to fill the bowl I am using in the picture you have to multiply all ingredients times 4x !



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Melbourne Nights

You probably always wanted to know what I am doing at night when I cannot sleep. Here is the answer … I go out and make photos.

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My latest toy.

Brute sound but very enjoyable ride.

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Why Mankind should conquer space

The last days with all these disasters in Japan made me think about an article I wrote nearly 30 years ago. I think it must have been about 2 years before the Chernobyl. I was studying physics and wrote an article in which I collected arguments why mankind should conquer space and how to achieve this goal.

The perhaps funny thing today is that at this time, despite the discussion and my personal engagement against nuclear power, this was not the original impulse for my desire to write this article. Actually I started thinking about our global situation after I read the book ‘Worlds in Collision’ from Immanuel Velikovsky. Not that I think our cosmos is as chaotic and dangerous as he writes in his book but there is a considerable chance that a huge meteorite might hit the earth changing everything here.

Once the first thoughts in this direction are done more and more pieces get visible painting an unsettling picture.

The scenario splits up into two groups of dangers.
First there are global catastrophes:

  • Nuclear war
  • Reactor explosions polluting the environment with highly poisonous Plutonium
  • A big meteroid hitting the earth
  • uncontrollable outbreak of a fatal disease
  • uncontrollable mutation as result of genetic experiments

and many more perhaps individually not fatal catastrophes which might boost each other when coming together (as we can just see in Japan).

Second there are the man made dangers:

  • Overpopulation
  • Waste of limited resources
  • Environmental pollution
  • loss of diversity of species on earth

only to name some of them.

Now we can start to argue about how to prevent these catastrophes from coming.

In my original article I started to develop a quite futuristic approach which was probably the reason why the article has never been published.

To leave Earth and go into space is not a technical problem, it is an economic problem. It needs a lot of money to build the first stations in orbit so that considerable amounts of people can start living in space. Money nobody wants to spend at the moment because there are always more urgent, political motivated projects which have to be funded. No politician and no economic leader is interested in plans which will take perhaps hundreds of years, will be a long struggle without immediate return on invest and low actual visibility to support their position.

So probably we will stay bound to earth until all needed resources are spent for other, more urgent, projects and we finally have to realize that we succeeded in making our earth inhabitable but have no means any more to go somewhere else.

What is to do? If our main problem lies in the economy perhaps we should start there. Rethinking how our society is built and which our common goals should be would be a good start. But after all the problem will come back to us personally. We have to change ourselves. Our attitude about fighting against each other to become the leader of the pack, our focus in economic success. We have to overcome our animalistic heritage. And it is exactly this point where mankind will be standing at a crossroads.

Recommended reading: Elena Filatova’s report about Chernobyl

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