Uprising of the Internt Citizens in Germany

During the last weeks it could be seen that the rift between the “internet generation” which grew up with computers, internet and mobile communication and the elder generation which rules the country and tries to control these modern communication facilities to death, even when they violate the democratic basic law as colateral damage, is much deeper than expected.

Statements of politicians which reveal their lack of technical understanding like the one of the minister of justice Zypries: “Browser? What is still a browser?” or that the minister for economic affairs von Guttenberg in an TV interview declared the over 100.000 signers of a petition against internet filtering as near child abusers, shows clearly the ignorance of the politicians in Germany towards about 20% of the german population (by rule of thumb from the article Die Generation C64 schlägt zurück).

I want to express my kudos to the internet community in Germany which, in contrast to the german politicians, discussed the situation based on facts (and didn’t invent them!), realized that the internet filtering in the form the politicians requested is absolutely against the german basic laws and stood up and started a democratic process to fight this plan to establish uncontrolled internet filtering even in the danger to be moved close to criminals by the politicians who want to defend this bill.

There is no place for internet agnostic politicians in the modern world any more. This could be seen in the election of Barak Obama in the USA and this should be learned from the fast organisation of opposition against this bill as well. The young generation is uprising, claims its democratic rights and is ready to stand for these rights also for the internet.

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2 Responses to Uprising of the Internt Citizens in Germany

  1. Ralf says:

    Hi Dyrathror,

    I have already read this SPON article and some comments on their discussion board. Good stuff. I hope that we, the C64 generation, will become more powerful in terms of political decisions.
    But if Barak Obama’s way is really so much different to our current politicians, must be proven. I still have my doubts, since the old fashion “background players” are still exiting.


    • Dyrathror says:

      Hi Ralf,

      that is unfortunately true but somewhere you have to start.

      Perhaps there has to be a revolution to get rid of the old structures and to build new ones 😉 and with the help of modern communication we can hope to achieve the same globalization which the industry is using against us at the moment 😀


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