What is “green” in Green Gene Technology

In one word: nothing!

Green Gene Technology describes the genetic manipulation of plants in contrast for example to the Red Gene Technology which describes the genetic manipulation of organisms with red blood like animals or humans. It has nothing to do with biological agriculture.

Germans Ministry for Agriculture in the person of Ilse Aigner denied the permission to cultivate the genetic manipulated Monsanto Corn MON 810 in spite of all efforts and lobbying which Monsanto did to push the genetic Corn into the german market, as can be read on Spiegel Online in (Deutschland demÞtigt den Agro-Giganten and Anbau von umstrittenem Genmais gestoppt.

Why are companies like Monsanto manipulating plants? First of all to make them resistant specially against their own products from their pesticide product categories. For example a Monsanto manipulated Corn is resistant against the Monsanto Roundup herbicide with the desired effect that a farmer growing Monsanto Corn naturally will buy Monsanto Roundup for his weed control.

From the economic point of view of Monsanto this makes perfectly sense. Only there are studies which at least leave the doubt that genetic manipulated corn even as forage will have an impact on humans who enjoy the end product like milk or meat. As studies show the genetic material of the forage passes the food chain and finally will end in us all.

Which effects will this have? Genetic Engineering cannot predict the effects of a manipulation as many tests in the past have shown! It is more or less a game of try and error that even the desired effects show up. So everybody should ask himself if he really wants to gamble his own health and that of his children for the sake of the product line of some big enterprises which try to dominate the agriculture market with promises of higher harvests?

At last I would like to point you to the following report about risks in genetic engineering from the german part of the Greenpeace organisation: Risiko Gentechnik

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