Mrs. Aigner, it seems I misunderstood your intentions!

Two weeks ago in my article What is “green” in Green Gene Technology I still praised the decision from germanys Minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Ilse Aigner, for her change of opinion which lead to the ban of the genetically altered Monsanto MON 810 corn. Now I have to read in Spiegel Online’s article CSU-Ministerin Aigner düpiert Seehofer that she allowed BASF, a german company, to sow the genetically altered potato Amflora.

It seem that I missunderstood Mrs. Aigners intentions thoroughly! Instead of getting her act together towards a natural agriculture which is able to supply us and our children with healthy food also in the future it seems that it is all only about politics and money, as always!

Mrs. Aigner, is this your contribution to the german economy in times of the crisis or is it already part of your election campaign for the upcoming election in Germany or are there other economic reasons which lead to this decision?

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